Aneros MGX Trident, White

Aneros MGX Trident, White
Aneros MGX Trident, White
Aneros MGX Trident, White
Aneros MGX Trident, White
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Hinta 72,90 EUR

The Aneros Trident series is an upgraded version of the well-known and fanatical prostate stimulators.

Lubricate the toy with your favorite lube (we recommend a good hybrid lube for anal play) and insert the toy, which is affordable even for beginners, quietly.

Then the party starts. When you squeeze and release with your own anal muscles, the ergonomic design will make the toy feel alive despite its size and move quietly and quietly inside you, titillating right where you want to love it the most, just like the long "anchors" that sit at the bottom of the plug tickles your perineum while you have it in.

This version is produced in white medical plastic that is virtually impossible to destroy and although it seems harder than the silicone version "SYN" it feels soft and delicious.
All the glory is easily cleaned with a good antibacterial hand soap.

Pituus: 10,2 cm
Syötettävä pituus: 10 cm
Halkaisija: 2,5 cm

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