Hosed, 38 cm

Hosed, 38 cm
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How much can you take? Enjoy up to 38,1 cm of this conical silicone hose! The flexible material is compliant when navigating through your intestines, while the rounded tip makes it easy to insert. The diameter gradually thickens so that you gradually expand.

The strong suction cup base allows you to attach the hose to any smooth, flat surface - perfect for the bathroom, but useful in any room with mirrors or flat, even floors. Every inch is marked on the surface of the velvety shaft so you or your partner can set new goals for each session.

Made of premium body safe silicone - phthalate free, super soft and flexible. However, this toy is only compatible with water-based and hybrid lubricants. lubricant!
Cleaning is easy with warm water and a mild antibacterial soap.

Pituus: 41,2 cm
Syötettävä pituus: 38,1 cm
Halkaisija: 3,1 cm

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