ID Free Waterbased, 30 ml

ID Free Waterbased, 30 ml
ID Free Waterbased, 30 ml
ID Free Waterbased, 30 ml
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Water-based lubricant with high lubricating ability.

This lubricant is produced from absolute highest quality ingredients to ensure a water-based lubricant that both lasts a long time and gives a natural "feel" that you can sometimes miss in other glycerin and paraben free lubricants.

ID Free is also free of alcohol, colorless , fragrance and free of hormone-disrupting substances - in short, the lubricant for those who only want a good water-based, quality lubricant without unnecessary substances.

Easy to wash off with just water and does not stain the sheets.

Of course, you can use ID Free for all toys, just as it is safe with all types of condoms.

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