Master of the House Pin Puppy Mask, Puppy Mask Pin

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Hinta 21,90 EUR

Master of the House Puppy Mask Pin is a great looking pin that can help show your passion and fetish.

It can be worn on your clothes, bag or anywhere else to be a discreet message to anyone who sees it. The perfect gift for any kinkster!

These sexy pins from Master of the House are a great way to show off your personality and your favorite fetish (s). Puppy Mask pin is perfect for expressing your kinky side. Whether you are judgmental or sub, this pin tells the story of what you believe in and what you like.

Hard enamel pin in matt black and gold looks elegant and timeless and will be a memorial you hold on to. It is 3.5 cm high and has two safety closures that keep it secured to your fabric or leather upholstery.

Each piece has branding and its own unique number laser cut on the back.

Limited Edition.

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