Mister B Steel Plunger Ball Stick

Mister B Steel Plunger Ball Stick
Mister B Steel Plunger Ball Stick
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The Steel Plunger Ball Stick has a smooth, hard, egg-shaped ball on the end of its shaft to make for very easy insertion. The blunt tip opens you up slowly and allows the shaft to enter all the way to the base. When it is inside, the ball will tap on the prostate, stimulating it for an amazing sexual experience.  This toy is a prostate pleaser. 

You can use approx. 16cm of this toy and widest diameter approx. 40mm.

With the Mister B steel toys, you get the opportunity to play with temperatures as steel is fantastic both to cool down but also to warm up (beware of extremes as the skin is also affected by the temperature). Steel does not absorb lubricant, so you have to use significantly less than you are used with other toys, just as it is super easy to clean after use.

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