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Mister B Temporary Tattoo, PIG

Mister B Temporary Tattoo, PIG
Mister B Temporary Tattoo, PIG
Mister B Temporary Tattoo, PIG
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The temporary tattoo! Live the Pig fantasy on the weekend and go back to your day job without getting questioned about your hobbies. This PIG temporary tattoo is perfect for anyone looking to get that extra dirty attention at the club or party but doesn’t want it showing when they visit the family the following weekend. Be a pig all you want and let everyone know it with this tattoo, then simply remove it and carry on, pork-free.
You may act like a pig when the opportunity arises, but how will they know what a pig you are before it happens? Have a temporary Pig tattoo showing on your body so everyone can know exactly how dirty you really are. Wear it with pride as you sweat at the party and get piss, lube and cum all over yourself and your Pig pride tattoo will remain showing the whole time.
You can cut the snout away from the word PIG to make two tattoos for two separate dirty events.
This temporary tattoo is easy to apply. Simply use a damp cloth to press down on the paper with the tattoo ink on your skin. Hold for 30 seconds and remove the paper to discover your fresh, temporary tattoo. 
The temporary tattoo will wash off after about a week, but to remove it sooner use acetone (nail polish remover), or rub with oil.
Dimensions: 95 x 60mm

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