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Mister B Temporary Tattoo, WOOF

Mister B Temporary Tattoo, WOOF
Mister B Temporary Tattoo, WOOF
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The temporary tattoo! Live the fantasy at the big, Bear event and go back to your day job without getting questioned about your weekend.  This big, bear claw tattoo with WOOF text lets others know exactly who you want to be around. You’re into bears and proud of it. Show it off at bear weekend and get all the cheeky smiles, woofs and jealous remarks. When you’re done with it, remove it and carry on tattoo-less.
Have you ever considered getting a big, Bear paw or WOOF tattoo but have never been able to commit. Get the temporary version and have all the fun, without the commitment! This bear claw tattoo is perfect for any bear event, bear weekend, bear party or just hanging out on the weekend. Anytime you want to show off your interest in bears or proud bear identity, just apply the temporary tattoo and when you’re done with it, remove it!
You can cut the Woof text from the bear claw to make two unique tattoos, for two different events.
This temporary tattoo is easy to apply. Simply use a damp cloth to press down on the paper with the tattoo ink on your skin. Hold for 30 seconds and remove the paper to discover your fresh, temporary tattoo.  
The temporary tattoo will wash off after about a week, but to remove it sooner use acetone (nail polish remover), or rub with oil.
Dimensions: 95 x 135mm

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