Neoprene K9 Hood - Grey, S/M

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Hinta 159,00 EUR

This Original improved version of the Mister S Neo Puppy mask features a realistic nose and ear design.

The mask still has the features you love from the original version, like the ears on the mask can be shaped so you can adapt the mask to your mood. The muzzle can be unzipped and removed so you can get some air or something to drink, but still be in the puppy's head space.

Resistant to water, sweat and piss. Hand wash in warm water with a little detergent and hang to dry.


Forehead circumference:
Small/Medium 56 - 59 cm
Large/X-Large 59 - 61 cm

From the chin to the top of the head:
Small/Medium 66 cm
Large/X-Large 69 cm

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