Swimshorts - Valor, Large

Swimshorts - Valor, Large
Swimshorts - Valor, Large
Swimshorts - Valor, Large
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Ennen 90,90 EUR
Nyt 67,90 EUR

Inspired by the stylish and sophisticated soirees of the early 1900s. This is a timeless piece of design that focuses and combines elegant "pinstripes" with light shades to take you back to "The Great Gatsby".

These quality swimming wear are produced 90% Polyester and 10% Elastane (all made from certified recycled products)

The swimwear have an Internal front mesh lining which holds your meat, so you do not have to have underwear under the swimwear.

We recommend that you wash inside out and do not tumble or bleach them.

Designed in Australia.


Koko Vyötärö
Small: 76-79
Medium: 81-84
Large: 86-89
X-Large: 91-94


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