Topped Toys Artemis, 105 - Red/Black

Topped Toys Artemis, 105 - Red/Black
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Artemis from Topped Toys is well suited for deep training, and the ultra-soft silicone

The material from Topped Toys is super nice to touch and play with, and at the same time it's soft and yielding, so you can take a thicker width than you're used to, but it's still firm enough to hold its shape.

We have Artemis in 2 sizes.

We recommend using water-based, hybrid or oil-based lubricants with your Topped Toys product. You can use silicone, but cleaning is cumbersome and very difficult.

Artemis 93

Maximum diameter: 7.6 cm
Head diameter: 6.6 cm
Insert length: 30.5 cm

Artemis 105

Maximum diameter: 8.4 cm
Head diameter: 7.6 cm
Insert length: 31.1 cm

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