Topped Toys Mare Maker, 130 - Red/Black

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The Mare Maker from Topped Toys is made from their soft material, which is still firm enough for you to insert it.

The material is yielding, so you can usually take a little more than you normally can in diameter, but at the same time get maximum enjoyment and filling of the toy.

The Mare Maker is designed with a strong "neck" so you won't accidentally "swallow" the whole toy - while your hole remains open - a great exercise for practicing anal expansion.

Mare Maker is a delicious squishy plug that allows you to more safely, easily and quickly expand to take larger diameter toys.

We recommend using water-based, hybrid or oil-based lubricants with your Topped Toys product. You can use silicone, but cleaning is cumbersome and very difficult.

Mare Maker 130

Maximum diameter: 10.4 cm
Neck diameter: 6.9 cm
Insert length: 21.6 cm

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